7 Generations
of brewing expertise

Under the management of the Swinkels family, beer has been brewed in accordance with a unique family recipe for seven generations, at the Bavaria Brewery in the south of the Netherlands. This is how outstanding quality has been guaranteed since 1719. Pure ingredients are the basis for quality, which is why Bavaria is brewed using natural mineral water and barley that has been malted in-house, by Bavaria.

Bavaria bier geschiedenis


In 1719 the brewery 'De Kerkdijk' in Lieshout was first mentioned. The Moorees family brewed small-scale crafted beer. Probably from 1680. One of the daughters (Brigitta) married with Ambrosius Swinkels. That is how the brewery came into the hands of the Swinkels family in 1773.

At a time when many small breweries succumbed, the Swinkels family managed to keep its head above water by continually adapting to changes in the market. For instance, the Swinkels brothers decided in 1925 to make the change to bottom-fermenting beer (pilsner), even though top-fermenting beer was much more common. The decision turned out to be a milestone, which ultimately ensured the brewery was ready for the future.


Family company

From 1773 the brewery is continuously owned by the Swinkels family. Since then, the craft of brewing beer has been passed on from generation to generation. This way we can guarantee the constant quality of our beer for already 3 centuries. Since 1980 the current (7th) generation is running the brewery.



To ensure the very best quality at all times, Bavaria opened its own malt house in 1939. The malt house in the Eemshaven was opened in 2006, making Bavaria owner of the largest malt house in Europe.

Since the early 90s Bavaria has its own source of natural mineral water, thus ensuring that, combined with the malt house, the entire processing chain is managed in-house, which allows Bavaria to maintain a constant high quality.

Bavaria has managed to obtain leading positions in niche markets through various product introductions over the years. As founder of the only truly alcohol-free beer, Bavaria has been able to establish a strong position in the Netherlands but also in other parts of the world. Bavaria exported its first alcohol-free beer to the Middle-East in 1978, not least because of the region's religious background. The brewing method used by Bavaria for its alcohol-free beer products is still unique in brewery circles.


Bavaria is one of Swinkels Family Brewers' brands. More information about Swinkels Family Brewers and the Bavaria brewery can be found at www.swinkelsfamilybrewers.com